The REAL story on Vacuum Transfer

What is vacuum transfer? Vacuum transfer is simply the transporting of a board through a press, by using a vacuum to hold down the board against moving wheels or belts. This method is used instead of the customary pull rolls and collars.


  • Vacuum Section is driven from the existing gear train.
  • Rough textured hard surface rollers provide positive drive.
  • The vacuum plenum is divided into three (3) sections for varying board size.
  • Transition ducting with adjustable damper.
  • Adjustable for varying board caliper.
  • The vacuum blower includes noise muffler and electric controls.
  • Eliminates the need to adjust pull collars to miss the printed area of the sheet. Saves setup time.
  • With vacuum transfer, the full sheet is available for printing.
  • Eliminates crushing of the sheet because pull rolls are adjusted too tight.
  • Assists in flattening the sheet to transfer the board through the printer accurately.
  • No smudging of ink by pull collars.
  • Better control of the sheets as the vacuum table holds them for a longer period of time (between the nip points).
  • Improved registration. Instead of a couple of pull collars, you will have at least twelve (12) transfer wheels for positive, accurate transfer of the sheet.
And the best point of all: Vacuum Transfer Systems can be retrofitted to just about any existing top or bottom print unit made! Up until now, vacuum transfer in print stations has only been available in new million dollar plus flexo machines. CMI can now retrofit your existing machines with vacuum transfer units, and it can be done right in your plant!

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