CMI Folder-Gluers

CMI Folder-Gluers are designed to handle a wide variety of blank sizes and will deliver a square box with speed and maximum efficiency. Blanks are controlled, transported and kept parallel by vacuum folding belts. The controlling of the blank throughout the folding process contributes to increased production, less waste and reduced labor expense. You will achieve increases in production with less waste and with less man hours. Your maintenance time will also be reduced and downtime will be virtually eliminated.


  • The Folder-Gluer utilizes an electronic drive package which guarantees accurate following speed control. This unit is independently driven.
  • Heavy duty folding belts with crowned pulleys provide accurate tracking. Variable speed V-Belt guided, twisted 90° transition belts maintain contact with blanks, providing positive pull.
  • Motorized folding rails with rack and pinion control allow fast efficient set-up and accurate positioning.
  • Folding rails are adjustable for caliper.
  • Vacuum belt feed of box blanks.
  • Cushioned "zero crush" wheels self adjust to different box blank calipers.
  • Nylon folding rods in a one piece design reduce drag and minimize adjustments.
  • Choice of brand name glue systems.
  • Vacuum system mufflers are provided for quieter operation.

CMI Counter-Ejectors or Downstackers

CMI Counter-Ejectors or Downstackers (depends on machine size) can upgrade and streamline the operation of any folder-gluer / printer-slotter configuration. These machines are designed with ease of operation and continuous production in mind. Accurate controlling and counting of boxes reduces labor expense and cuts material costs. Each machine can be easily modified to fit your specific plant requirements.






  • Independently driven Counter-Ejector utilizing a Converting Machines' electronic drive which guarantees accurate following speed control.
  • Quick efficient box size adjustments.
  • Accurate bundle count with the use of fingers to separate the stack at the push off point.
  • Horizontal motion re-square tamper.
  • Powered, bundle ejector and rough top out feed belts.
  • Photo electric "eye" counting with batch and totalizer electronic counts.


  • The hoist bed is controlled by two hydraulic cylinders.
  • Torque tube assembly keeps both sides of the hoist bed level during operations.
  • Load squaring tamper with an adjustable backstop and side guide(s) keeps stacks square (when powering out to the discharge bed).
  • Automatic cycle for continuous operation.
  • Powered interrupter forks.
  • Digital readout of the motorized backstop location is incorporated into the downstacker operator's station.
  • The load in the downstacker and post compression will exit inline. 90° exit is optional.
  • The Post Compression Section platen compresses the stack to aid in the setting and drying of the glue and provides a square and level stack for safer conveyor travel.