"Point-of-display" quality printing - for just a fraction of the cost of a new flexo printer/slotter

When you convert your letterpress printer/slotter to modern flexography you'll realize significant production increases along with reduced expenses. Why? Because water based flexo inks dry faster than oil based letterpress inks - in seconds instead of hours. Sheets coming off the press can move directly to in-line folding and gluing, without using up time and space to dry.

Faster set-ups, and easier, cleaner operation

Available in full-width printing formats from 66" to 212", flexo presses usually take 1 to 4 set-up sheets in comparison to 16 to 20 for a letterpress. With our conversion, the complicated seven roller inking system of the letterpress is eliminated, enabling quicker color changes, faster clean-up and easier maintenance. Flexo uses no toxic oil based inks and solvents! Power consumption is also reduced - it takes much less energy to turn the single roll in a conversion than the seven rolls in a letterpress.


  • Mechanically engraved, ceramic coated anilox roll, with choice of screen up to 200 line. Laser engraving is optional.
  • Manual wash-up and ink pump systems included.
  • The operator's control panel and motor drives are included.
  • Accurate operator's side caliper adjustment with easy to read dial.
  • Automatic speed matching of the anilox roll to the print cylinder, through the use of an electronic drive which eliminates clutches and anilox gears.
  • Automatic and manual color deck station throw-off, so that no ink from the anilox roll will be transferred to the print cylinder dies when the press is stopped.
  • Continuous inking when the color stations are in the throw-off position.
  • Box rate indicator.
  • Reverse angle doctor blade. Enclosed doctor blade is optional.
  • Re-engraved anilox rolls do not require buildup.
  • Ink trough is pyramid shaped to accelerate movement of ink to the drains at both ends of the unit.
  • 3M Scotchkote coating is provided to improve drainage, increase the life of the blade holder, and aid easier cleanup.